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BizTalk 2013 RFID not getting acknowledgment from mobile device


  1. I tried to copy biztalkrfidmobile.ENU.wm.armv4i file from BizTalk RFID 2013 server folder into the MC9090 Motorola device. The installation is unsuccessful but when I copy the same file from the 2009 server the installation was successful. Does that mean MC9090 is not compatible with BizTalk 2013 ?
  2. I upgraded BizTalk RFID server from 2009 to 2013, for some reason the code that interacts with the device is able to send message but not get the acknowledgement. Any idea why it would not receive an acknowledgement ? The same code works fine on windows 2008, BizTalk 2009 server. I am not sure if i missed any settings while I setup the server. Interesting thing is the code sends the message to the device but the problem is just not getting the acknowledgment... Any help is very much appreciated..
// Connect to a queue on the local machine.
deviceResponseQueue = new MessageQueue(String.Format(@"FORMATNAME:DIRECT=TCP:{0}\private$\mqdeviceack", GetHostIP())); 
deviceResponseQueue.Formatter = new XmlMessageFormatter(types);                 
deviceMsg = new System.Messaging.Message(command); 
deviceMsg.Recoverable = true; 
deviceMsg.ResponseQueue = deviceResponseQueue;

//Send message to the device
DeviceCommandResponse commandResponsetemp = new DeviceCommandResponse();

//Get acknowledgement from the device.
Issue >>> Message deviceAckMessage = deviceResponseQueue.ReceiveByCorrelationId(deviceMsg.Id, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(timeout));
In catch ((MessageQueueErrorCode)e.ErrorCode).ToString()) I get -2147467259 

commandResponsetemp = (DeviceCommandResponse)deviceAckMessage.Body;